How do I eat a pomegranate? Very carefully


A pomegranate can be tough to eat if you've never done it before. Image: Flickr / globetrotter1937 / CC-BY-SA

Pomegranates are one of those fruits that can be a bit confusing. If you’re wondering “how do I eat a pomegranate?” you are not alone. The good news is, the answer to the “how do I eat a pomegranate” question is actually relatively easy.

How do I eat a pomegranate basics

A pomegranate is a bit of a confusing and frustrating fruit. The name pomegranate comes from the Latin word for “seeded apple.” On the outside, the pomegranate looks like an apple, but on the inside it is full of small, juicy seeds. There are several challenges when you are trying to figure out how do I eat a pomegranate. First, getting the seeds separated from the membrane. Second, how  to use and eat the pomegranate seeds.

How do I eat a pomegranate: separating the seeds

When you first get a pomegranate and are wondering how you eat it, you need to separate the seeds from the membrane and skin of the fruit. First, fill a medium or large bowl with water. Take a small paring knife and make a deep score down one half of the pomegranate in order to crack the shell. Holding the pomegranate over the bowl of water, pry it apart into two sections. Holding the pomegranate under water, use your fingers to pull the membrane and seeds apart. The seeds will sink and the membrane will float. Skim the membrane and skin off the top of the water and pour out the water. With no staining and no juice all over your clothes, you have pomegranate seeds, ready to eat.

How do I eat a pomegranate: eating the seeds

The seeds and juice of a pomegranate are incredibly flavorful. You can eat the seeds by themselves, and you can eat a pomegranate with or without the tiny pit in the center of each seed. You can eat the seeds individually as a snack. You can also use pomegranate seeds on top of green salads, as a garnish on a fruit salad or mixed in with feta cheese. Either way, a pomegranate is an amazingly tasty treat.

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