Home Run Derby 2010 circles the bases for charity

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The Home Run Derby 2010 winner may get the publicity, but charitable organizations are the real winners in the Go to Bat promotion. (Photo: ThinkStock)

The midpoint of the 2010 Major League Baseball season is upon us, and that means it’s time for Home Run Derby 2010. While the star-studded exhibition means nothing in the official standings or a player’s final statistics, there is a partnership between Major League Baseball and State Farm insurance – the “Go to Bat” program – which means something more to various charitable organizations. Fans choose their favorite organization and players swing for the fences. Charitable donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and a trip to the 2010 World Series are up for grabs.

Home Run Derby 2010: Grand slam for charity

The “Go to Bat” program is designed to make a difference in the community, and Home Run Derby 2010 is a reminder of how Major League Baseball and State Farm are committed to making a lasting impact on their communities, beyond the playing field. Fans who registered at the “Go to Bat” website earlier in the 2010 season are selected randomly by State Farm for individual weekly prizes (a $100 charitable donation to that fan’s selected charity). By playing an online Home Run Derby 2010 game through State Farm’s website, fans can increase their chance of being selected (and their charity’s chance of winning). Ten total winners will be chosen, and one will win a trip for two to the 2010 World Series. The “Go to Bat” competition extends through the second half of the MLB season and ends on September 26.

More charitable gold at Home Run Derby 2010

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Miguel Cabrera, Corey Hart, Matt Holliday, David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez, Nick Swisher, Vernon Wells or Chris Young who sends the most home runs into the bleachers at Anaheim’s Angel Stadium, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America will come out on top. That’s because State Farm will donate $3,000 per homer hit during Home Run Derby 2010, and $17,000 if a player hits the “Gold Ball” out (when a batter has only one out remaining). In addition, one local chapter of the BGCA will win $50,000, while the seven others from the Orange County, Calif., area will take home $10,000 each. Finally, State Farm will give the fan-selected charity that receives the most overall support and additional $25,000.

Who will win Home Run Derby 2010?

Go with Miguel Cabrera. He’s the hottest hitter of the group as competition commences.


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