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The Holistic Moms Network encourages people to get close to nature.

The cost of medical care is weighing down families as Congress unsuccessfully tries to finish and pass a health care reform bill. Some Americans are turning their backs on the health care industry and turning to holistic medicine and avoiding illness through holistic living.

The Holistic Moms Network is an online resource for information on holistic living. It is also a nonprofit organization dedicated to “connecting parents who are interested in holistic health and green living,” according to the Holistic Moms Network web site.

Green living and parenting ‘from the heart’

It’s easy for Americans to fall into a way of life that has their children constantly going the doctor all too often, taking prescription drugs at ever younger ages and eating food filled with chemicals. The Holistic Moms Network shows parents that there are other ways to raise  your children that promote healthier kids and as a bonus can save a lot of money. With mortgages and car loans and other big expenses to worry about, families are trying to save money any way they can. The Holistic Moms Network site says:

We encourage moms to trust their instincts, to parent from the heart, use their innate sense of what is best for their children, live in balance with the Earth, and learn about the pros and cons of all healthcare and parenting options.

The Holistic Moms Network also gives little tips, such as how to make fruits and vegetables last longer by freezing them. Any advice that helps families avoid wasting food saves them money.

Parenting tips from Holistic Moms Network

The Holistic Moms Network has several sections filled with articles and book recommendations to help parents with questions such as “Is it safe to sleep with my baby?” and “Should I let my baby cry it out?” Sections on the site include Holistic Health, Natural & Positive Parenting, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Green Living, Vaccinations, Whole Nutrition and Holistic Education.

The Holistic Moms Network isn’t totally against Western medicine. The Vaccinations section has articles about pros and cons, including information about how effective they are. There are books saying children should be vaccinated and some books saying they shouldn’t. From the web site:

The Holistic Moms Network believes that parents need to make informed and educated choices about all healthcare options for their children, including vaccination, and that they deserve the freedom to make the choice that works best for their family.

Whether or not you agree with the Holistic Moms Network philosophy, you will come away from the web site with great insight and information. I encourage people to always look for ways to save money, lead healthier lives and do what’s best for their kids, and I like that the Holistic Moms Network explores all of these things.

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