HeadBlade: Yet Another Sign of America’s Invention Renaissance

The recession is a good time to be an inventor

Why not try a HeadBlade? (Photo: picasaweb.google.com)

You’ve seen the pitchmen on television, hawking various interesting gadgets. “As Seen on TV” is its own brand these days. Billy Mays made a career out of it, and his popularity continues after his death. Steve Greenberg, the author of the book “Gadget Nation” tells CNN that now is “a great time for an inventor to become a rock star.” The logic is that businesses are looking for smart ideas to pull them out of the slump, and the creative spark of invention is very welcome. Once an inventor gets their start – even if it takes a payday loan to get the ball rolling – the sky’s the limit. Todd Greene has discovered this with his HeadBlade line of shaving products.

He’s made millions off head shaving

Time selected HeadBlade as one of their 10 best designs of 2000. Todd Greene, a fundraiser and online manager for ESPN, has made millions of dollars with the product line of ergonomic head shaving devices. It helped that he was good with money to begin with, in that he invested profits back into his business rather than falling prey to the impulse to sink it into the high life. Through the struggles, Greene has come to see his HeadBlade become a lifestyle.

He was committed to the struggle

Where some would have given up and been committed to an asylum, Greene soldiered on. “What you have to realize is that it’s always going to be harder and longer than you think,” he told CNN. It is this spirit of hard work that has made America a dynamic capitalist force, says Greenberg.

“Inventors are the grass roots of this country’s ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit,” he says. “They’re what make America great. It’s the ultimate American dream to dream of a product and bring it to the market.” And if a payday loan makes it possible, who questions the wheels of commerce as they steam ever forward?

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