The Happy New Year Greeting Message is Payday Loans

If That’s Fun for You, That Is

What's your Happy New Year greeting message? Is it to use payday loans only when you need them?

What's your Happy New Year greeting message? Is it to use payday loans only when you need them?

Many of you are no doubt looking forward to New Year’s Day. You have your New Year’s resolutions and are looking forward to a Happy New Year in 2010. And why wouldn’t you? Whether the glass if half full or half empty, why not enjoy the substance of your refreshing liquid beverage? Have fun – you only get one shot at this life, so far as scientific proof is concerned.

As his own form of Happy New Year greeting message, the ubiquitous (or is it u-Oprah-tous?) Dr. Oz writes for the Huffington Post that we should indeed make merry with our New Year’s resolutions in 2010. “It’s a new year and time for a clean slate,” he writes. While I would argue that any day is a good day for honest, constructive self-reflection, the Doctor of Oz views the act of New Year’s resolution as something sacred to the inner being. And while your lists of New Year’s Day resolutions may have their share of misses over the years, the only real failure is not trying.

You Know, Payday Loans May Do You Better Than Psychobabble…

OK, let’s get this out of the way. I’m a pessimistic optimist. How’s that for a contradiction? While Dr. Oz may couch his message in feel-good palaver, the central triad of his argument – that we need “food, sex and sleep” – is absolutely, positively vital. Combine all three and that’s a Happy New Year greeting message I’ll wear out the rewind button on.

Dr. Oz does advise that we keep the Grhelin under control. That’s the hormone that makes your stomach growl. Keep it under control with light snacking (nuts, apples, sensible stuff without a “Mc” in front of it) and you’ll be well on your way to a weight loss goal. Just don’t diet; it’s unnatural.

Get Enough Sleep, You Idiots!

Please, don’t be offended, because I’m an idiot, too. If I could consistently get seven hours of sleep each night, I’d be a happier person with more to give everyone. Yet I deprive myself, as so many others do. Dr. Oz says this is also a no-no. “I want you to stop seeing sleep as a luxury where you can cut corners. It’s all in how you see it – so see it differently and put it on your resolution list!”

Be True to Yourself, But Also Forgive Yourself

Human beings are works in progress. Sometimes we hit on all cylinders, other times we make mistakes. Budget wise, we sometimes underestimate what we’ll need, but payday loans can help in the short term. But I digress in the interests of my corporate masters. Mr. Steve’s Happy New Year Greeting Message to you is to remain true to yourself and realize that you can achieve reasonable goals with your New Year’s resolutions in 2010. If you miss the mark, that’s OK. Try again! Hypnotize yourself to condition your mind if you like.

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