Guardians of the Free Republics have the FBI on edge

An artist's side-by-side rendering of Thomas Jefferson, a pouting child, and a woman with crucifix icon in prayer. In the background is the U.S. Constitution.

Discerning the intent of the founding fathers has unfortunately inspired the pseudo-spiritual "mayhem militia" movement to lash out like impetuous children who have yet for form an adult understanding of our world. (Photo: drive-by times)

The recent arrest of the Hutaree militia and the landmark health care reform law has emboldened anti-government groups like the Guardians of the Free Republics to rattle their sabers. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, at, Guardians of the Free Republics have the FBI on alert for violent intervention. It seems that they have been contacting various U.S. state governors en masse and demanding that they resign as a part of their “Restore America” campaign. While the demands have not directly communicated threats of violence, the scale on which the notices were sent has captured the FBI’s attention. What also makes the FBI nervous is that the letters say that if the governors don’t leave office in three days, they will “be removed.” So long as they maintain steady income, however, at least they’d still be eligible for payday loans.

Guardians of the Free Republics’ messages stand out from other hate mail

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told the Associated Press that “We get all kinds of, shall we say, ‘interesting’ mail, so it’s not out of the norm. It got more attention because it went to so many governors.” At least 30 governors have received the Guardians of the Free Republic’s messages so far, and the FBI expects that the remainder of America’s 50 state governors will be contacted. Security has been increased. Nevada Deputy Chief of Staff Lynn Hettrick said that while they aren’t overly concerned yet, they want to be prepared just in case.

Inspiring others to extreme action?

Even if the Guardians of the Free Republic do not intend violent action, the fact that their actions have been revealed to the public could easily inspire unstable, fringe individuals and groups to take up arms. The Hutaree militia fits that mold, and there are no doubt many more hiding in the shadows. The “sovereign citizen” movement, while not violent as a rule, tend to harbor those who would resort to violence at the least provocation, according to various intelligence reports. Overt racism directed at President Obama and his parentage – including the iconic “Obama Joker” poster – are just some of the signs that fringe groups are finding the courage to let their opinions flow.

What are the Guardians of the Free Republic’s goals?

Here are the Guardians of the Free Republics’ goals for your review. As you’ll see, some of the points will be of interest to freedom-loving citizens and Constitutional scholars, while others may induce laughter. You be the judge. However, if you take nothing else away from all of this, know that being an American means being a participant in the affairs of your country, including the right to use a payday loan store if that is what you wish. Separating yourself from having a say in the process – whether due to laziness, disillusionment, disenfranchisement or the overwhelming desire to live in a remote shack or other-Earthly paradise – makes you an outsider. Outsiders who resort to violent threats and acts rather than intelligent discourse are part of the problem, rather than a solution.

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