Gravitas lacking in a presidential Palin, according to Karl Rove

karl rove, mr. gravitas of republican establishment

Karl Rove said gravitas is a quality people look for in a presidential candidate that Sarah Palin does not possess. Image: CC scripting news/Flickr

Gravitas, according to Wikipedia, is a Latin word referring to a person having substance, or depth of personality. Karl Rove, even though he managed to get George W. Bush elected, has said that Sarah Palin doesn’t have the gravitas to be taken seriously as a Republican presidential candidate. Her lack of gravitas showed this week when Tea Party candidates who rode her endorsement to primary victories refused to answer questions about Palin’s presidential qualifications.

Sarah Palin’s gravitas deficit

Millions of Americans, and perhaps even Sarah Palin, now know what “gravitas” means, thanks to Karl Rove, a man not known for introducing such dignified words into political discourse. Rove told the Telegraph he doubted that the American people thought Palin had the gravitas for “the most demanding job in the world.” Rove offered Palin’s reality show on the Discovery Channel as an example of how the former vice presidential candidate’s image is out of sync with a presence voters would expect to occupy the Oval Office.

Karl Rove throws his gravitas around

Rove wields a certain amount of gravitas himself within the Republican establishment. He got George W. Bush elected twice and has advised several GOP governors and congressmen to electoral victories. Rove knows how to win elections, which may explain his candid assessment of Palin and her Tea Party protege, Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. Last month Rove told Fox News that he wasn’t impressed by O’Donnell’s political skills. He was also concerned about O’Donnell saying “a lot of nutty things” and misleading voters about her “checkered background.”

Palin’s gravitas trickles down

Tea Party candidates who benefited most from Sarah Palin’s blessing may agree with Rove’s assessment of the Mama Grizzly’s gravitas. Thursday, O’Donnell lifted her self-imposed ban on talking with the media and spoke to Jim Acosta from CNN. Acosta asked her whether Palin was qualified to be commander in chief. She dodged the question, asking “Is she running for president?” The New York Daily News reports that Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller refused to publicly endorse Palin, which prompted an angry e-mail from her husband Todd, who wrote “Sarah put her a– on the line for Joe and he can’t answer a simple question.”


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