Government shutdown does not postpone IRS deadline

Form 1040EZ

The government shutdown does not mean that people don't have to file their income tax return by the deadline. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If the government has to shutdown because of the budget showdown, it will not affect the income tax return deadline. The Internal Revenue Service extended the deadline to April 18 this year because of a holiday in Washington D.C. However, tax return checks will be delayed.

IRS employees affected by shutdown

In the event of a government shutdown, there will be a few agencies that are unaffected in their operations. The Internal Revenue Service will not be among them, and all IRS agents and personnel will be told to stay home as long as the shutdown lasts. Unfortunately, according to Bloomberg, that does not mean that the deadline to file an income tax return is postponed. The government shutdown will, unless an unlikely deal is made at the 11th hour is made, begin on April 8.

Electronic filing urged

The IRS will not be able to receive any paper returns during the shutdown, delaying the issue of a tax refund check to those who filed a paper return. The IRS is urging taxpayers to file electronically because any online tax return filings will be processed as normal.

Government workers will be affected most

It is contended that the shutdown is going to occur because Congressional Republicans insist on defunding Planned Parenthood  because the organization provides abortions. Members of Congress, according to CNN, and the president, will still get their paychecks automatically. The people who will suffer are government employees. Those who are considered “unnecessary personnel,” or people who do not perform services for the government that guard the life or property of the people, will be sent home. Those who perform necessary services, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the military, will still have to go to work. However, they will have to work completely for free, and there’s no guarantee they will be reimbursed for that time.






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