Sony introduces Google TV that allows full internet access


Sony has worked with Google and Logitech to create a new internet TV. Image: / Flickr / CC-BY-ND

At 5:30 Eastern Standard Time on October 12, Sony officially announced their new Google TV. The new Sony Google TV is going to feature a keyboard controller and Android operating system. Sony Google TV is going to come in two models — a fully integrated TV or a set-top Blue Ray DVD combination box.

The Sony Google TV

The partnership between Sony and Google, as well as Sony and Logitech, has created what Sony is calling “the true internet TV revolution.” Available as a TV ranging from 26 to 46 inches or as a BD deck set-top box, the Sony Google TV will cost between $399 and $1,399. The combination remote and keyboard uses a tiny QWERTY keyboard intended for two-thumb typing, much like a large Blackberry keyboard.

How Google integrates with the Sony TV

The Sony TV integrates Google products into several places. First, the entire system is run on a version of Android. Google has opened up their App development system for their Android TV version as well. The Sony TV also uses Google’s Chrome browser for internet browsing. Finally, a custom Google search will search across DVR, TV, and web all at the same time. The Sony TV will provide unfettered internet access, instead of the limited access Apple TV offers.

The extras of Sony’s Google TV

The extra features of the Google-integrated Sony TV are what will help set it apart from Apple TV and other up-and-coming competitors. First, Sony will be releasing movies and TV shows that are on their label to these Sony / Google TV sets early. Second, the Logitech-designed remote and keyboard combination can be programmed just run just about any device. Third, the PIP – page in page support – means you can check Twitter or Google Maps while watching TV — or any other combination of apps that you can think of.

The Sony / Google TV options — all four sets and the settop BD box — will be available at Best Buy on October 24. Pre-ordering will open October 13.


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