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Google IO

Even if you can't be at the Google I/O, you can follow it. Image from Flickr.

For months, the internet has been rife with rumors about what the Google I/O conference may reveal. The Google I/O has already started with the kickoff keynote. There are expectations that Adobe, Logitech, Sony, Intel and possibly DISH network will be involved with Google I/O announcements. If you’re a tech follower, an investor or just curious, following the Google I/O could be quite exciting.

Follow the live Google I/O feed

There are multiple ways to follow what is going on at the sold-out Google I/O. Your first option is the official YouTube Channel at Twitter followers can either keep an eye on @Googleio or the #io2010 hashtag. There are also live-blogging feeds all over the web, some of the best of which will be at CNET and No matter how much you want to get in on some of the technology that might be announced, hold off on contacting loan lenders – it will be several months before anything goes to market.

Google I/O Targeted for developers

Technically, the Google I/O conference is supposed to be for web developers. Just because there is a focus on the technical aspects of Google’s new developments doesn’t mean that the conference won’t be exciting. Google is expected to talk about the Android 2.2, or “Froyo” mobile operating system, among other things.

Google I/O to announce new technology

The Google I/O conference is the kickoff for multiple new technology partnerships. While nothing has (yet) been confirmed, there are many new tech possibilities. A potential “Google Tablet” from Acer or other manufacturers may be announced. A new Chrome OS operating system track focuses on the web-based operating system. Enterprise uses for Google Docs, Gmail and the App engine will also be a focus.

The real stars of Google I/O

The biggest and most-expected announcements of the Google I/O focus on the possibility of new media. A big announcement that, unlike Apple, Google phones will support Flash and HTML5 is going to be the first big star. Second, separate reports from Sony, Google, Logitech and more indicate they might be working on the code-named “Dragonpoint” set-top box. This set-top box could possibly combine online streaming content with television content, making TV a more “integrated” experience.

No matter why you are following the Google I/O, it is sure to be an exciting few days for tech geeks around the world.

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