Girl Scout Cookies | Tracing money from the fund-raising

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies mean money for troops and regional girl scouting organizations. Image: Flickr / zaui / CC-BY-SA

Girl Scout Cookies are going on sale soon, and there are millions of people waiting with excitement. Girl Scout Cookies season differs slightly for every region of the country. The amount of money each troop gets from Girl Scout Cookies is a relatively small portion of each box.

The Girl Scout Cookies season

Girl Scout Cookies are so popular, partially, because they are available on a very limited basis. Girl Scout Cookies season varies from state to state, though many areas are starting their cookie season in the next month or two. The limited-time nature of Girl Scout Cookies helps make them more valued and marketable.

How money from Girl Scout Cookies is distributed

Girl Scout Cookies cost between $3.50 and $4 a box. That is a lot of money to put out for between 10 and 20 cookies, but thousands of people willingly pay the cost every year. According to the national Girl Scout organization, each troop gets between 50 cents and 57 cents per box sold. The baker gets 85 cents to cover the cost of the cookies, and about 1 cent is given to the “neighborhood service unit.” The remaining money from Girl Scout Cookies is given to the regional council, which supports summer camps, training and adult volunteers. The national Girl Scout organization makes money from licensing the Girl Scout Cookies name, images and cookies to other companies — e.g. Dairy Queen for the Thin Mint Blizzard.

Making your own Girl Scout Cookies

Because Girl Scout Cookies are available for only a short amount of time, many people have tried to re-create the Girl Scout Cookies flavors in  their own kitchens. There are lots of copycat Girl Scout Cookies recipes available if you need your fix. If you want to give money to Girl Scouts, you can donate directly to each troop or regional council — or give yourself the gift of cookies. Either way, Girl Scout Cookies will likely continue to be one of the most popular and successful fund-raising efforts for scouting.



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