Gemalto serves Android market with lawsuit

Android Screen

Gemalto alleges that Android developers and retailers stole the JavaCard technoloogy Gemalto patented. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Dutch technology company Gemalto has served a huge patent infringement lawsuit to a number of companies. The allegation is Google and makers of Android smartphones such as Samsung and Motorola have infringed on patents held by Gemalto. Gemalto is claiming that Android makers intentionally used Java Card technology developed by Gemalto in Android systems. Gemalto developed its Java Card technology in the 1990s at its labs in Texas.

Gemalto v. Android lawsuit alleges infringement

Recently, the Netherlands based technology company Gemalto joined others in suing the various purveyors of Android smartphones, according to Bloomberg. The suit was filed in the United States District Court in East Texas. The companies named in the suit include HTC, Google, Samsung, Exedea and Motorola. Gemalto is alleging that these companies deliberately used Gemalto JavaCard technology in Android phones. JavaCard allows for a SIM card to run the Java programming language. A Gemalto smart card was developed in the 1990s and is extensively used in credit cards, among other uses. In the complaint Gemalto stresses that its patented technologies were used without its permission in Android phones. The suit also alleges that the phones use the Gemalto Dalvik virtual programming.

Android suits pending

Other lawsuits are pending against the various makers and carriers of Android technology. Earlier this year, suits were filed against Android by both Apple Inc. and Oracle. The Apple suit and the Oracle suit both concern patent or copyright infringement on the part of Android or at least an Android provider and Android’s use of Java. The Gemalto suit is the third.

War of the smartphones

The battle between Android seems to be turning from just Apple and Android to Android and nearly everyone. If Android did commit any patent infringement, it remains for courts to determine. Android and Apple have become the largest competitors in the market of smartphones, as the RIM Blackberry has been slipping this year.



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