Garbage Island brews a toxic chemical soup

And it’s out there in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, world!

For those of you who have never heard of this, it definitely bears repeating. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (aka “Garbage Island“) will eventually destroy the Pacific Ocean. That damper upon our vast ecosystem will be yet another thing that will eventually kill us, probably before our sun goes red giant or a hyper nova, Oort Cloud or other falling object can do the dirty. But I’m no expert on astronomical disasters. I just hype/hawk low interest loans.

Hocking up our lives in the North Pacific Gyre

North of Hawaii, west of North America and much bigger than Texas sits a plastic reminder of how wasteful the human race has become. It used to be that what was sucked into the North Pacific Gyre would biodegrade. Put wonderful plastic has changed that. It will eventually break down, but just into smaller pieces that are easier for ocean life to swallow. And that ocean life, in controlled numbers, will eventually hit our dinner tables!

It’s people at sea dumping their waste, right?

Not according to VICE. They report on VBS.TV that 80 percent of what’s found on Garbage Island comes from land disposal. Shampoo bottles, birthday balloons, those rings that hold six-packs together and all things plastic manage to migrate there. Much of the waste has been floating on Garbage Island for years. Now water samples indicate that it’s all turning into a chemical soup, which is more good news for everything that lives and breathes. Let’s get those cleanup projects going already. Launch it into the sun if we can’t nuke it all on Earth. Sure, it’ll cost more than all the low interest loans on the planet, but we need to protect life at all costs. Everything else is just for show.

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