Try Freelance Writing for Extra Cash

Get paid to write for internet companies

women_laptop_lying_downTimes are hard and people are losing jobs left and right. If you could use some extra cash, why not try writing freelance on the internet?

Yes, there are actually internet companies that will pay you $10 to $25 per article, provided your writing meets certain criteria. As a freelance writer, you sell articles to these companies to be posted on their web pages. If your articles are accepted, you can make a decent living just by writing from the comfort of your own home.

Can I really get paid just for writing?

Yes, you really can. You don’t have to have a degree in journalism to start freelance writing, but you do have to be able to write clearly and coherently. If you can compose a fluent email, are mindful of your grammar and spelling, and can easily accept critiques from an editor, you’re pretty much good to go!

Editors will reject articles that don’t live up to the standards of the website, but don’t let that stop you. Simply take it as a learning experience to improve your writing skills and keep submitting. If you’re able to write or at least willing to learn, all you  need is a computer, an internet connection, and a PayPal account.

What’s so important about content on the internet?

There’s a saying floating around the net: “Content is king.” Word content on a website is crucial because it draws readers to the site. Understanding how search engines work can shed light on the question. When you look for a topic on the internet, you pull up a search engine like Yahoo or Google and type in a word or a short phrase. These are called keywords. You hit enter and a list of your search results appears.

Internet companies go to great lengths to make sure their site appears on the first page of your search results, a process called search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is labor-intensive, but more cost effective than paying for advertisements. Internet companies don’t always have the time or manpower required to update the content of their sites, so they outsource the work to freelance writers like me, and hopefully, like you.  The continual need for new content — new words in new articles — is why freelance writing can be a lucrative business.

How do I get paid for freelance writing?

Internet businesses generally pay their freelance writers in one of two ways: upfront or residually. Upfront payment means you write an article with a certain number of words, and the website buys your article for an agreed price. For example, the company may offer $15 for a 300-word article. Residual payment means that instead of being paid an agreed lump-sum when your article is accepted, you are paid a share of the revenues generated as your article draws traffic and readers click on the ads surrounding it.

Where do I start?

Personal Money Store is a great place to get started. It’s easy to join, and the company offers several different payment options. If you’re just starting out, you may want to try the pay-per-post option first, and then build your way up to better paying gigs. Simply contact the site for more information and follow their guidelines. That’s all it takes to get started making extra cash as a freelance writer.

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