FluidNow adds insult to unemployment

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Learn to type or stay away from fluidnow.com

Florida residents whose typing skills are less than perfect may end up paying fees to file unemployment claims. The correct web address for filing unemployment claims through Florida Unemployment Internet Direct (FLUID) is www.fluidnow.com, which redirects internet users to www.floridajobs.org, the official website for the State of Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation. Typists who key in “wwwfluidnow.com,” however, without the period between “www” and “fluidnow,” find themselves at http://www.wwwfluidnow.com, an unscrupulous web site that charges fees to file unemployment claims.

Bypass fluidnow.com

In order to avoid paying extra cash for the privilege of being unemployed, Florida residents filing for benefits online should bypass www.fluidnow.com.  No matter how amazing their typing skills, Florida residents should go directly to the official web site (www.floridajobs.org) and click on the tab that says “File an Unemployment Claim.”

File complaints with the Florida Attorney General

The Florida Attorney General issued a warning last week to be wary of unofficial websites offering to file claims. Florida residents who have been charged fees to file unemployment-benefit claims may contact the office of the Florida Attorney General by phone at (866) 966-7226 or file online complaints at the Florida Attorney General web site.

Watch for scam sites in other states, too

According to the Sun Sentinel, unemployed residents of Oklahoma and Nebraska have been subjected to similar scams. It appears that unemployed residents of all states, not just Florida, can unknowingly end up paying fees to file unemployment claims if they wander onto the fluidnow scam site (www.wwwfluidnow.com).

Why Florida?

Florida has a higher-than-average unemployment rate, so it provides a ready source of instant money for scam companies with sights trained on benefit claims.  The U.S. Department of Labor and the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation reported that Florida’s unemployment rate reached 11.9 percent in January of this year, the highest unemployment rate in the state since 1975. By way of comparison, the national unemployment rate in January was 9.7 percent.

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