Where to get Flowers for Mothers Day

Red Roses

Flowers for Mothers Day are always a hit. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

If you aren’t already chock full of Mothers Day gift ideas, you can always buy flowers for Mothers Day. You know Mom would always appreciate it, and you know you should call more often. (Admit it!) There are plenty of specials and coupons all over the internet, which will make it pretty easy to get a decent arrangement for cheap, without even needing to think about a cash loan to get Mom something special.  She gave birth to you and you won’t even get her flowers?

Where to go for flowers for Mother’s Day?

There are plenty of florist shops around that likely have specials on flowers for Mothers Day.  That said, there are some online deals you can find as well.  For instance, Proflowers.com has been running fairly regular TV spots, and you can get a bouquet delivered for $19.99 (plus tax, of course). It’s the Grower’s Choice, and it includes a vase, though not the high end one.  You can add whatever you like, better vases or arrangements and so forth, if you so choose. Proflowers also has a special on one dozen assorted roses (no vase, though) for $24.99.  There are also some good deals through 1-800-flowers as well.

Ah – but what about an edible arrangement?

Indeed you can send an edible arrangement. In fact, you can do it online through EdibleArrangements.com.  The site offers plenty of gift baskets full of goodies, including chocolate dipped strawberries, fruit arrangements, etc.  Everything is arranged in such a way that it looks like flowers (sort of).

Other avenues

Mothers Day is always a popular day to buy flowers.  It would be prudent to check with florist shops in your local area to see if they have any specials currently running, if flowers for Mothers Day is what you have in mind.

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