The first day of summer 2010 is also Fathers Day 2010

Tropical Beach at sunset

The first day of summer will be on Father's Day, so beach themes are definitely in. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The days in the Northern hemisphere start getting a little longer after winter ends, and eventually summer comes.  The first day of summer is typically tied to the summer solstice, though it can be calculated differently, depending on where you live.  (Some countries determine it by average temperature, not by date.)  The first day of summer 2010 is going to be easy to remember this year, because the first day of summer will also be Father’s Day 2010.

First day of summer and Father’s Day

It happens fairly regularly that the first day of summer is on or near Father’s Day.  As it happens, Father’s Day is always celebrated on the third Sunday of June, which is always close to the summer solstice.  This is a good opportunity to do something for Dad with a summer theme.  Get your siblings together and pool your extra cash into buying a new barbecue grill or something along those lines.

Don’t miss the solstice

For many countries, the first day of summer always coincides with the summer solstice, likewise with winter and the winter solstice.  The summer solstice is the longest day and shortest night of the year in the U.S., though the June solstice is winter in the Southern Hemisphere.  However, not all countries determine the first day of summer that way.  For instance, Austria and Denmark determine summer by average temperature, and thus consider the summer season to last from May to August.

Father’s Day 2010

June 20 — the first day of summer 2010 and Father’s Day 2010 — presents a great opportunity to do something summer related for dear old Dad. Update his wardrobe by getting him summer-themed haute couture, like board shorts and flip flops.  You could also get him an outdoor blender and the supplies to render his favorite frozen concoction.

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