Finding Cash Today Can be as Simple as Not Buying These Items

Buying in 2010

For anyone looking to save cash today, there are money drains everywhere. The world of technology is vast and has a lot to offer. It is constantly parading new items and services in front of consumers, hoping they will consider them the next “must-have” products. 2010 is promising to be just like former years in that technology is pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

A few short years ago no one had heard of an iPod or flat-screen TV. They made due with tapes and regular 30” TV sets. Now, things are much different and the world is moving quickly into a high-tech society where every month brings new products to make live easier and more streamlined. It can be difficult to sort through the options, but there are some items that are on the brink of extinction. Cutting them out of a budget can provide substantial savings.

New items that probably won’t last

Don’t be fooled. Every item costs and its relevance in upcoming years may or may not be evident. Here are some items to walk away from:

  • DVDs. Video stores are dying out. Back in September of 2009, Blockbuster announced that it is planning on closing about 22% of its stores by the end of 2010. The days of renting movies are quickly coming to an end. With cheaper high-tech options like Netflix and iTunes, it makes more sense to leave DVDs at the store. For example, DVDs sell for about $20 but you can buy a subscription to Netflix for just $6.99 a month and watch as many movies as you want. Sure the movie doesn’t belong to you, but a lot of people stopped collecting movies a long time ago.
  • External hard drives. In today’s world a lot of information is kept on disc. Many consumers are using external hard drives to free up space on their desktops and laptops. The external drive is an option, but newer and more efficient options are coming into the market. For example, and are two websites that allow users to store their data online. It’s a great and reliable option for information and the good news is that it’s retrievable from any location where internet service is available. Saving money by not buying an external hard drive and putting that money into a monthly internet service that stores information can be a wise decision. Although external hard drives are reasonably priced, finding cash today is found by making changes in small areas. Combining the little savings, adds up.
  • Smartphones other than the iPhone and BlackBerry. There have been smartphones other than iPhone and BlackBerry on the market, but they haven’t taken off nearly as well. The problem with that is many developers know which phones are most popular and most likely won’t put dollars into creating new applications for lower-selling phones. According to ComScore, the BlackBerry holds about 40% of the market on smartphones and iPhones hold 25%. That leaves just 35% for other brands.
  • Newspaper subscriptions. Newspaper advertising revenues have declined in 2009 by 17.7% according to the Newspaper Association of America. Overall newspaper reading and subscriptions are down due to most people turning to the TV, online resources or the radio for up-to-date information. Carl Melvill of WXTR Radio in Pittsburg said, “Newspaper is out of date no matter how quickly they get it to the stands. TV is closer to moment by moment and radio is even closer.”

Outdated products

There are many other items that are going the way of the dinosaurs, including compact digital cameras, CDs, college textbooks and non-Energy-star rated appliances. Every one is showing nascent signs of phasing out in the market. For those who want to start raising cash today, cutting these out of a budget can bring added savings.

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