Financing Moving Expenses

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Moving is expensive!

If you have ever moved before, then you know that it can be a financially draining experience and extra quick cash can save the day. Having just gone through this myself, I learned that as careful as I was about the expenses I would incur, there were surprises I did not expect, none of them in my favor. The first miscalculation was the amount of miles I would drive. Since most moving companies charge by the mile, this adds up to two separate cost; miles and gas. By the time I drove from California to Washington State, my moving finances were completely over budget. When I went to the rental company to turn in the rental truck, they presented me a bill I could not pay. I didn’t know what to do. My new job wasn’t starting for two weeks so I was really between paydays.

I needed help!

I asked friends for suggestions and one of them was to get an online cash advance. This way I could get cash now, and since my credit is not good, there were ways to get installment loans for people with bad credit. I got online and started looking. It wasn’t that hard. I found a link to the Personal Money Store and they advertised personal loans. Deposited into my bank account the emergency money I needed to complete my move.

Why I was moving.

I was moving because the company I worked for in California was forced to lay off 90% of its work force. I know a lot of people this happened to last year. We are all scrambling to find work and many of us had to move out of state to seek new employment. I had worked for a company in California for 15 years. I found that it does not matter how secure our jobs were in the past, things change and we could all use a little help. I would recommend a short term personal loan for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they need cash loans.

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