FBI plants GPS tracking vehicle on Yasir Afifi’s vehicle


An FBI-owned GPS tracking device was found on an American citizen's car. Image: avlxyz / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

When he went in for a quick oil change, U.S. citizen Yasir Afifi found something he could have never expected. A GPS tracking device was attached to his car. The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has since demanded the GPS equipment back, and the ACLU has vowed to challenge the FBI’s actions.

Oil change leads to FBI surprise

When Yasir Afifi took his vehicle in for an oil change, auto mechanics found a surprise from the FBI. A GPS tracking device was attached to the undercarriage of the vehicle. After taking photos and posting them online, a friend of Yasir Afifi confirmed that the GPS device is used by the FBI. While the FBI does not officially confirm that the device belongs to the Bureau, police and Federal Bureau of Investigation officials did arrive at Afifi’s home to reclaim the device.

Warantless GPS tracking

The GPS tracking device appears to be the result of the recent U.S. 9th circut court ruling that allows for secret tracking of vehicles without a warrant. Yasir Afifi claims that there is no reason for the FBI to be tracking him, other than the fact he is half Egyption. Yasir Afifi is a U.S. born citizen and the son of an Islamic-American community leader.

ACLU vows to fight GPS tracking

The American Civil Liberties Union quickly contacted Yasir Afifi when the FBI device was found in his vehicle. The ACLU has been searching for a case such as this with which to challenge the 9th circut court ruling. Afifi was originally contacted by the FBI six months ago. Afifi cooperated with the FBI, saying that he would be happy to answer questions if his lawyer approved. The lawyer contacted the FBI, but he never heard anything back. The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it received an “anonymous tip” that Afifi may be a threat to national security.



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