Faxless payday loans helped me repair my home

Man sitting in a flooded living room looking for faxless payday loans.

Faxless payday loans online came to my rescue. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Faxless payday loans fixed my busted pipes quick. You see, when I originally purchased my house, I did not think that “needing a few small repairs” meant that I needed to spend every last dollar in my checking account the first week I lived there. Boy was I naïve.

My first home required faxless payday loans

If it weren’t for direct deposit faxless payday loans, I would have had a stagnant pond for a basement. But first things first, let me explain how it all started.

Last fall, I purchased what I thought was a pretty nice home in the inner urban area of my hometown. It was located in the kind of area where the houses hadn’t been renovated in a couple of decades. Yet it was still a decent enough house for a bachelor like myself, and it was the right price.

Moving in

As soon as I moved into my new downtown home, I was ready to get everything unpacked and put away. Not that I had that much stuff; it only took me a few hours to get everything in place with the help of a buddy I’d known since high school. We got everything unpacked and wanted to treat ourselves to a few drinks at a nearby pub, so we made our way out.

“Let’s walk, dude. It saves gas that I can’t pay for anyway,” I said.

“Sure. I’ve packed on 20 since high school, so I could definitely use it.”

About 15 minutes later, we arrived at the pub and got caught up on each others’ lives. Inside, there was an old man at the bar who appeared to have been there since the place opened at 10 o’ clock that morning. A couple of guys were posing as professional pool players for an audience of two beautiful girls at a nearby table.

Getting home-cozy

The lovely ladies were sipping on Rolling Rock Green Lights that were nearly empty, so I bought them more while Ryan challenged the “pros” to a game of pool. With no trouble, we crushed the pool posers and invited the girls back to my house for a nightcap. They accepted the invitation; electricity was in the air.

It took about 20 minutes to get back to my new pad. The ladies asked if I had a pool table of my own. Score! It just so happened that I did, downstairs in the game room. As they say in Boy Scouts, “be prepared.”

We grabbed a couple of beers and went down to play some games. I made it down the stairs first. Then our fun skidded to a halt. The basement was flooded with water!

My basement was flooded!

I ran back up and told them to wait. The main water valve had a broken pipe, and the water had flooded nearly the whole basement. Sure enough, the adjoining game room floor was also flooded, so there went that idea. I needed faxless payday loans — fast.

Thank you Personal Money Store!

What to do? I needed to think of a way that I could get money before payday to get the supplies from the hardware store to get that pipe fixed and get a pump to remove the water from the basement. I remembered that PersonalMoneyStore.com offered faxless payday loans online, so I got on their site. In no time, I had the cash I needed to clean up my watery mess. In spite of no pool that night, the ladies gave us a rain check and we got their numbers. Thanks to PersonalMoneyStore.com, we’ll be ready to entertain next time!

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