A No Fax Cash Advance for the Keys that Got Away

Well, they didn’t QUITE get away, but…

They were so close, I could almost touch them – if my hand could blast through that brand new brick wall I'd built! (Photo: flickr.com)

They were so close, I could almost touch them – if my hand could blast through that brand new brick wall I'd built! (Photo: flickr.com)

They were definitely toast by the time I’d chipped the dried cement off of them.

Here’s the deal. I work for a landscaping business in City of Industry. One day, I’m doing some brickwork for a customer, minding my own business, when his dog comes tearing out of the house in hot pursuit of a squirrel. The parade rips past where I’m working, and knocks over a small trowel. Nothing big; I picked it up and kept working. However, I didn’t realize until it was too late that my keys had been sitting on top of the trowel, and when the dog and squirrel knocked it over, the keys fell into the mortar mix. I didn’t notice, and now they were a part of the wall. I took a hammer and chisel to start chipping away. I managed to find them and repair the damage to the wall, but my automatic starter no longer functioned.

Those things aren’t cheap

I needed to buy another from the dealer, and are they expensive! I had no idea something so small could cost so much; I also had no idea that my bank account had so little money in it at the time. Luckily, I was familiar with Personal Money Store from having used them before, so I filled out a form and managed to get a no fax cash advance by the next day. Thankfully, my customer didn’t mind my leaving my big truck in their yard for a day.

I even was asked to give some feedback

And since my experience getting a no fax cash advance was a good one, I was happy to oblige. I was told that my response might be featured in a customer/employee success story, and I was fine with that. Here’s what my representative had to say about my experience:

Everyone loses their keys, but not many people lose their keys inside a brick wall. My customer in Toluca Lake was doing some landscaping and his keys fell into the cement. He didn’t notice what happened, and the wall went up. He broke part of the wall down and found his keys, but his auto starter no longer worked – and they are expensive to replace. He couldn’t leave his truck in his customer’s yard until his next payday, so he needed a no fax cash advance as soon as possible.

He qualified quickly, but since it was almost the end of the business day, we couldn’t get him money until the following day. Fortunately that worked fine for my customer; he got a new key chain starter and paid his no fax cash advance without trouble on his next payday.

Personal Money Store has good people

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I’d go back there for a no fax cash advance any time I needed one. I just hope I won’t lose my keys in the process next time!

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