Fast payday loans: Our 12th man on the field

business man about to throw a football.

Fast payday loans helped me get a financial touchdown. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Fast payday loans helped with that expensive football gear. Boom! Step up to the telecaster and I’ll diagram it for you…

From football to fast payday loans – how it happened

Before the days of fast payday loans, football was everything to me, particularly in Junior High. Now my son Junior is following in my footsteps. He’s been into football before he could even talk. Like a sacred ritual, we would pass the pigskin back and forth in the back yard every day after school.

With each catch and each throw, I dreamed of being able to give Junior the things I never had when I was his age. I currently have a Bachelor’s degree and am in a decent job, but by decent I only mean decent, not too satisfying.

Well, OK, my son comes before football…

We recently made plans to build a tree house together. I purchased 200 feet of Ponderosa pine, which was not too expensive compared to other woods, but the market was a little high. For the build site, we had our eyes on the old weeping willow out back. Junior could hang out with his friends and I could have more time to do things around the house.

Keep in mind that I am usually very good with my finances. I know what I can spend and what I can’t. At the lumber store, we ended up spending more than I had expected and nearly all that was left in my account, save college savings bonds and emergency food and medical money. That money was set aside and would not be used for anything other than its intended purpose.

If I did not mention yet, this happened in August, a couple weeks before Junior was to go back to school and three days before a summer football clinic. The idea of fast payday loans went through my mind.

I had overspent, but Junior still needed his football gear.

With this said, I needed to buy this year’s cleats and uniform items in order for Junior to hit the field. If you have ever had a 13-year-old son who is 5 feet, 10 inches, you already know how quickly they go through shoes and clothing. Unfortunately, I was not going to get paid until the scheduled week before the first day of school. Yet I needed that equipment right away.

Help is out there.

At that point I did a little research and stumbled upon The company was more than happy to help us get instant decision on one of their fast payday loans to help us pay for football gear.

We got Junior to the first day of practice on time and ready to play. I decided to pay the loan back on my next pay date, which worked out fine. I’m thankful that was our “12th man” on the field.

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