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Nabisco Oreo

You could use your facebook.com/nabiscocookies coupon to get a free package of Oreos. Image from Flickr.

If you love cookies and milk, then the new Facebook.com/nabiscocookies promotion is for you; it will get you a free package of Nabisco Cookies. The free Nabisco cookie promotion is not an unusual move, especially for the parent company Kraft. This facebook.com/nabiscocookies promotion is limited, so you should have a backup plan if you don’t get your coupon.

The logistics behind facebook.com/nabiscocookies

In an effort to get more fans for its Facebook page, Nabisco cookies is offering a coupon for “Liking” the facebook.com/nabiscocookies page. There are only 465,000 free cookie coupons available for new fans, and they are expected to go very quickly. In order to use your free cookie coupon, you’ll have to purchase a package of Nabisco cookies and two containers of milk, including a gallon. The coupon expires June 25, 2010.

Kraft’s facebook.com/nabiscocookies promotion

The facebook.com/nabiscocookies promotion will last only 24 hours. Nabisco cookies, as a brand, includes several different types of cookies — Chips Ahoy, Oreo, Nilla, Newtons, Nutter Butters and more. The larger umbrella company for Nabisco cookies, though, is Kraft foods company. The conglomerate is owned, ultimately, by Phillip Morris. In total, 88.1 percent of Kraft Foods stock is owned by the tobacco and general holdings company. Over the past five years, the coonglomerate has bought and sold dozens of brands. Most recently, Kraft Foods purchased Cadbury confection company. In the last year, Kraft Foods has gained 8.11 percent in value.

Miss out on facebook.com/nabiscocookies?

Because the facebook.com/nabiscocookies promotion is offering less than a half a million coupons, you may not get one. Plus, using the coupon requires a purchase that could easily add up to $10 or more before you get your “free” cookies. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out, though. You can easily make your own Nabisco-style cookies at home. Rather than using vegetable shortening and sugar as filling in your Oreo-style cookies, you could use buttercream frosting or ice cream. Oreos always sound tasty, but fresh out of the oven, they’re even better. There are entire websites dedicated to re-creating the recipes of commercial products; try this homemade Oreo recipe to get you started.

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