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The Eyeclops Mini Projector uses inexpensive parts and does a decent job for being a toy version of a projector. Image: Flickr / danielsphotography / CC-BY

The Eyeclops Mini Projector sounds like a toy, and it’s actually sold in the toy department. The Eyeclops, though, offers pretty good performance for its price. Like many children’s toys, the cheap plastic casing of the Eyeclops Mini Projector hides decent-quality electronics.

Eyeclops Mini Projector

The basics of the Eyeclops Mini Projector are simple. Anything that has a standard RCA output can be put through the projector. The Eyeclops can project up to a 60-inch image, and uses an LED lamp. MP3 players, iPhones, Android devices, DVD players and game consoles can all be connected to the projector. There is a speaker that can also accept audio input or a mini-jack audio output that can also work with external speakers. There is a portable battery pack that can last for about 270 minutes.

Quality of the Eyeclops Mini

Though the Eyeclops projector is a toy, the reviews say that the projector produces decent quality. In general, like all LED-powered projectors, the darker the room, the better the image is. Reviews indicate that the quality of Eyeclops Mini Projector images is a little grainy and boxy, but not unwatchable by any means. The lens gets scratched very easily, but if you treat it carefully, it can last.

Electronics as toys and visa versa

Toys have been using electronics for decades. When technology gets cheap enough, it is usually integrated in products for children. The Eyeclops Mini Projector is available most places for about $50, and it’s just one of the inexpensive audio/video toys available this holiday season. The price has dropped low enough that products such as the Eyeclops are being suggested as stocking stuffers. Mini video cameras, cell phone accessories, speakers for phones and other gadgets are all gaining appeal. Sure, it may be a toy, but shopping the toy aisle for your tech geek might just be a great way to save yourself some cash this holiday season.


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