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ESPN reporter, recent “Dancing with the Stars” (DWTS) contestant and unintentional online celebrity Erin Andrews has been wrung through the grinder long enough. A Los Angeles Court sentenced Erin Andrews’ peephole video producer Michael David Barrett to prison for two-and-a-half years for interstate stalking. Now Erin Andrews is suing Barrett and Marriott hotels in a Cook County, Ill., court. Charges include negligence and invasion of privacy; the peephole video event occurred seven months ago.

Erin Andrews after $1.2 million from Marriott and Barrett

According to the Huffington Post, Erin Andrews’ lawsuit claims that the Marriott hotel chain “confirmed where Barrett was staying and gave out (Andrews’) room number without her permission.” The $1.2 million lawsuit would cover her “severe and permanent emotional distress,” says her complaint. The peephole video has been nothing but a nightmare for Erin Andrews; it was reportedly even filmed in multiple hotels, indicating the lengths to which Barrett went to stalk her.

GameDay and body image

Aside from the ongoing saga of the peephole video nightmare, Erin Andrews has been enjoying life. DWTS was fabulous, and now Andrews has inked a new deal with ESPN. She’ll be a major player on the network’s “College GameDay,” and she will even make regular appearances on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” ESPN and ABC are both under the Disney corporate banner.

Yet Andrews still can’t seem to escape from the body-related questions. US Magazine reports that she’s dissatisfied with her post-DWTS weight (“I would like to put on a couple pounds”), while Vanity Fair contributing editor George Wayne just lately subjected Erin Andrews to a “candid” interview in which he asked such questions as:

“You’ve got these long spindly legs. Did you have a nickname?”
“Do you have man-size feet like Paris Hilton? You know, she can find shoes to fit her only in the ‘tranny’ section of the shoe store.”
“What is the one thing you take when feeling constipated?”

Are those “edgy” questions? Or would most individuals consider the questions to be highly inappropriate for such a publication to ask? Unfortunately, crass media simply won’t allow Erin Andrews to forget that she was — against her will — nude on the World Wide Web.

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