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Your credit score is important

Monitor Your FICO Score with Score Watch
There are many reasons why it pays to be aware of your FICO® credit score. If you’re looking to finance a home, education or automobile, you’ll want to know what your FICO® score is ahead of time. The same holds true when you request a credit card. If you monitor your FICO® credit score, you’ll know what interest rate to expect from your lender.

Did you know your FICO® changes over time?

Your financial history, from paying bills on time to the number of revolving credit accounts you have on file, impacts the score on a regular basis. You can track this getting a free credit score report from a Web site like AnnualCreditReport.com, but you’re only entitled to one free report every 12 months. What if you simply want to know when your FICO® score changes?

That’s where Get Equifax Score Watch Now! comes in

Stay on top of your credit score with Equifax Score Watch™; it can save you a lot of money and increase your purchasing power!

With Score Watch™, know your FICO® score the moment it changes. That way, you’ll know when the time is right for you to request a loan, when interest rates will be lowest. Higher FICO® scores mean lower interest rates and smaller monthly payments. This can translate into thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your home, auto, education loan or credit card!

Monitor Your FICO Score with Score Watch

TransUnion.com charges $11.95 – Beat that with Equifax!

For only $9.95 per month, Equifax Score Watch™ offers you all of what you see here:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your credit score. When there’s a change, Equifax Score Watch™ will notify you right away, and given you an idea of what interest rates you will likely receive if you request a loan!
  • An in-depth analysis of why your score changed, as well as tips for understanding your FICO® score. The advice Equifax Score Watch™ will be tailored specifically to your credit situation!
  • Each day, Equifax Score Watch™ will pay close attention to what’s happening on your Equifax Credit Report. If there is a key change, you’ll be given E-mail or SMS notification informing you of what’s happened!
  • You’re entitled to two Free Score Power® reports. These give you not only your FICO® score, but an explanation of what your score means, access to 24/7 customer service  plus an Interactive Score Simulator that shows you how different actions can change your credit score!
  • If you want more, receive discounts on more Score Power® reports!
  • Get the “Bottom Line!” Know what your latest FICO® score means, compare it with national averages, and see a  credit score chart of how creditors will evaluate you!

Equifax Score Watch™ helps you stay on top!

Know how credit monitoring services view you. Never wonder “What is my credit score?” or how to improve that credit score again! With Equifax Score Watch™ credit score and credit report monitoring, you’ll know right away when your score changes, as well as what the change means and what you can do about it.

Get Equifax Score Watch Now!

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