The ePrivacy app: See-who-views-your-profile Facebook scam

Phishing scams

Don't be a victim of phishing scams. (Photo: ToastyKen/Flickr/CC-BY)

If you value your Facebook account and the people you’re connected with, the last thing you want is to fall for and spread yet another viral scam. The ePrivacy app is among one of the latest Facebook scams to look out for. Like many other Facebook scams, you could fall victim if you’re easily enticed and perhaps even bring your Facebook friends and family down with you.

The ePrivacy app is yet another Facebook scam

The latest Facebook scam to watch out for is the ePrivacy app, which is spreading rapidly on the biggest online social network platform via the message, “OMG OMG OMG… I cant believe this actually works! Now you really can see who viewed your profile! on [link].”

As Facebook users, we want to stay up-to-date on the people we know. However, we also like to know who has been checking up on us, and the ePrivacy app is claiming it has the ability to do that. It promises to give you ultimate spying capabilities, showing you every person who views your Facebook profile. Whatever you do, don’t fall for it. Downloading the app will only give the app’s creator complete access to your personal information.

See who views your profile and catch a virus

Admit it; surely you would love to know who has been checking you out online. There have been many petitions to let Facebook users see others who have viewed their profiles, and scammers are quickly jumping on the opportunity. They know what people want, and they will use anything they can to their advantage.

If you don’t want complete strangers accessing your personal data, sending you e-mails and posting unauthorized messages on any Facebook page you administer, do not install the ePrivacy app or any other app that claims to do the same thing. The sole purpose of scams like this is to generate money for the mischief makers behind them, and they have no problem using your Facebook profiles to spread their spammy links even further.


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