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Don’t let that old fridge suck up your cash!

The Cash for Clunkers program doesn’t just deal with automobiles. President Obama wants to see a greener, more energy-efficient America, and you and I want to see more money in our pockets for the things that matter. Sure, a personal loan can pick up the slack on occasion, but reducing our consumption is a long-term solution.

That’s why energysavers.gov is doing everything it can to clue consumers into the appliance Cash for Clunkers aspect of Obama’s plan. Cash for appliances that spin the dials on your electric meter faster than they should is a great excuse to get new ones that are energy-efficient. And as you know, spending stimulates the economy, so it’s a win-win.

It’s a $300 million program – put it to the test!

Save money and energy. That’s what Beth Pinsker Gladstone of WalletPop.com tells the Seattle Times. Potential rebates range from $50 to $250 per qualifying appliance, so it is definitely worth your time. Dates for Cash for Appliances vary by state, and a wider variety of appliances will be accepted as the appliance Cash for Clunkers project continues. Much like the auto Cash for Clunkers, the program will continue until the money is exhausted – on Congress votes to funnel more into it. Check out energysavers.gov for additional information.

Go green and recycle

Think of the whole green equation this way: green appliances will save you money, but it will also help everyone else around you paying for electrical power. Gladstone suggests that if you’d like to learn more about green products, this is another useful resource, aside from what you can find at energysavers.gov. Keep in mind that part of being green is recycling, so those who aren’t sure how to proceed with recycling their old appliances should visit energystar.gov for more info. Even if you need to rent a truck with a personal loan, the savings you’ll reap and the good you’ll do the environment is worth it all.

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