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Be tactical. Imagine this is you, perhaps without the gun. (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

Be tactical. Imagine this is you, perhaps without the gun. (Photo: commons.wikimedia.org)

We all know that it’s important to have the right tool for the job. If you need a flashlight to light the way in dark places, you want one you can rely upon. If you’re in a different kind of dark place, you may need a blunt object to fight your way out. For instance, you may find yourself trapped at the end of a dark alley, surrounded by Dick Armey’s shadowy Tea Party Patriots. Situations like that – where rational discourse is choked out by a call to violence – require that you are able to defend yourself against whatever may happen until the authorities can intervene. While Energizer certainly would never say this (and I will not put words in their mouth), I say that having a flashlight that can double as a club is infinitely useful. That’s why I thank flashlight engineers for things like the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight.

You won’t even need unsecured loans or installment loans to buy one

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A recent review of the Energizer MIL2AAIL (the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight) indicates that if you did have to defend yourself, you’d have a “rocky and powerful” instrument on your side. Truly, it has been designed to be a “tactical, self-defense or general use” flashlight. It is up to any task you set before it, save for balancing your budget. For that, you need good old-fashioned brains and the willingness to be flexible when you plan. A flexible budget leaves room for life’s little surprises, things that installment loans and unsecured loans can help with if you haven’t already planned for long-term security.

Infrared night vision for tracking the most stubborn Tea Party Patriots

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That’s right; the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight (aka the Energizer LED Infrared Night Vision Flashlight and the MIL2AA1L) boasts five different kinds of light. White, Blue, Red, Infrared and Infrared Strobe light your way through darkest night. Other things that come standard on the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight include rubber gaskets that resist water damage, a recessed switch that keeps you from lighting your torch before you’re ready to give away your position and a red signal to let people know that you’re the kind of person who will turn on the red light. Or paint a target red or blue before discharging tactical firearms… but you don’t have any of those, right?

And the white light? It’s a great way to blind someone waiting to accost you, like Republican staffers hired to protest health care reform. Ask them if they have any AA Engerizer Lithium Batteries before you take action, however. That’s what the Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight runs on, according to… well, Energizer. I’m sure other lithium batteries will work.

The rest of what you need to know

So you need a good flashlight (Photo: darkmatterpolitics.typepad.com)

So you need a good flashlight (Photo: darkmatterpolitics.typepad.com)

Remember how I mentioned that you won’t break the bank when you go to buy one of these beautiful Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlights? It’s true! The Energizer MIL2AA1L Hardcase Tactical Flashlight is available for $19.99 with $5 shipping through sources like Woot. Depending upon your outlet, that price will vary somewhat.

Here are some more important features that you’ll need to know about on your next hunting trip or town hall excursion:

  • Shatterproof lens – Because you don’t want dim bulbs when you’re being assaulted by dim bulbs
  • Rubber overmold – Because you want to show mercy on the flashlight when you inevitably fling it to the ground in disgust over Obama’s flip-flop over the single-payer plan, or on assailants if you are ever in the unfortunate situation where you must defend yourself. Oh, and it won’t slip out of your sweaty palms and you fret over the future of America
  • Stainless steel side guards – Because you don’t want to be too nice when your life or the finish of your Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight are at stake
  • Lifetime guarantee – In case your life depends upon it
  • Built-in hold-fast clip – Makes getting a grip easier, even when others refuse to do so
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic – It makes a real impression without shattering
  • Lifetime push button quiet switches – Because we’ve needed a more discreet flashlight for some time now
  • Sliding lock secures IR switch – Keep on tracking without losing your light
  • Lanyard ring – Keep this close to your heart, please
  • Weighs eight ounces when used with lithium batteries – Be quick when you need to be
  • Survives 20-foot drop – But they won’t get the drop on you
  • Rotating 125-degree swivel head – Be more flexible with your lighting requirements
  • Steel clip for hands free use – You’ll need those hands at the ready if you’re a man of action

Life, illuminated

The Energizer Hardcase Tactical Flashlight is military grade, so it should be good enough for you. And at $19.99, it’s affordable. Installment loans and unsecured loans are not required, but are around if you need them. Go stun something threatening you (or avoid being stunned) today!

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