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Why I Needed An Emergency No Fax Cash Advance

Emergency No Fax Cash AdvanceMy hours at work were scaled back right before my rent was due and I feared I would soon be homeless. That was when I decided to look into getting a payday loan. I have always been a self sufficient person and I never imagined that I would qualify for a short term loan. So when my pay check was a couple hundred dollars short, I went online to Personal Money Store and found out that I could get an instant loan that required no faxing for up to $1000. I was so relieved when I found out how easy it was to get the quick loan that I needed to keep my home.

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A couple months later I found myself in another situation. I went outside one morning to go start my car and I noticed I had a flat tire. I looked a little closer and saw a piece of sharp metal poking out of the rubber. I was totally freaked out because I could not be late to work again. What was I going to do? Then I remembered how I could go online and get a no fax payday loan. I was so impressed from my previous experience with Personal Money Store that I didn’t hesitate to press the get started button. I got the short term loan I needed at just the right time.


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All because of Personal Money Store, I was able to save my home, get new tires, and help my friend get the quick loan that we needed. This is the best company I’ve ever dealt with when it comes to getting emergency no fax cash advances and I will continue to use Personal Money Store whenever I am in cash crunch.

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