Efusjon.com Offers Ways to Make Money, Get Healthy

Everyone’s heard of Acai Berries

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Efusjon.com has a great energy drink and compensation plan

I am sure you’ve seen those ads for Acai Berries on your MySpace page or Facebook profile — the ones that say they can help you lose weight.

Although there isn’t a lot of evidence to support the acai berry’s weight-loss promotion, there is no argument that the berry is rich in antioxidants, which promote overall health.

The Efusjon Energy Club, at www.efusjon.com, has harnessed the power of the Acai Berry to promote “healthy bodies and healthy incomes.”

Healthy incomes? Tell me more …

Efusjon.com tweaks sales model

At first glance, the Efusjon Energy Club structure might look like a traditional pyramid sales model, but that’s not really the case.

Efusjon.com says:

Our “Community Overlap” plan rewards you not only for your efforts and your organization’s efforts, but even for the efforts of people beside you and above you! With overlapping support from active Associates from the left, the right and above your organization, you can get paid for the efforts of people completely unaffiliated with you.

So, basically the idea is to make more money for less work. The network marketing structure further breaks away from the pyramid model because once you have signed up three other people, that’s it. No more trying to sign people up. However, your income will still continue to grow.

Pay structure

Like any retail business, it does cost money to get it going. The initial startup cost is $120 to get the first order of energy drinks. You then sell your drinks through a web site and collect the profits. Of course the real way to make money is to recruit other distributors. Efusjon.com says:

  • Once you have enrolled 3 people as an efusjon energy club Associate, you will be promoted to an Executive. As an Executive you will receive 4.25% of total sales volume for each active, personally enrolled Associate and your personally enrolled Associate’s down lines every month. As your organization grows, so does your income. (See Compensation Plan)
  • Add to that the efusjon energy club “Community Overlap” (where you are able to receive 1% of the total sales volume for each Associate enrolled by others that overlap into your community matrix) and you have the potential to increase your income dramatically.

No free paycheck

Making money, of course, takes work. One distributor in Milwaukee explains: “In order to make money at this, you will need to possess sales and networking skills.”

However, if you’ve got the chops for it, now is the best time to get started. To learn more about how to make money selling acai berry energy drinks through the Efusjon Energy Drink company, check out efusjon.com.

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