Earth Day freebies 2010: offers online and on the street

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Earth Day freebies 2010 offer consumers fast cash savings on a number of products and services onlline and on the street.

Earth Day freebies abound on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Earth Day freebies are a sign that a holiday that began as a challenge to corporate America has become a major marketing platform for promoting brands and selling products. As the general public becomes more environmentally aware, businesses are making money now on that sentiment with an avalanche of special offers.

Earth Day freebies 2010 a win win

Earth Day free stuff can save fast cash for consumers, but for trailblazers of the environmental movement who were there at the beginning, Earth Day freebies are a wolf in sheeps’ clothing. But the stampede of corporations latching on to Earth Day shows that environmentalists are starting to accept corporate America and vice versa. So ultimately Earth Day free stuff is probably a good thing. So why not take advantage of it?

Earth Day freebies online

Earth Day freebies online include up to 34 percent off Earth Day related books on is also starting to ship products with 100-percent recyclable cardboard and is getting rid of those exasperating plastic clamshell cases. James Cameron’s Avatar, a celebration of nature, is being released on DVD on Earth Day. is taking pre-orders for the widescreen DVD for $17.99, marked down from $29.99. The Blu-ray version is $24.99, marked down from $39.99. Use iTunes to get the first episode of the Planet Earth series free from the BBC.

Earth Day freebies on the street

Earth Day freebies on the street include 22 percent off a variety of “green” products at Walgreens. Walgreens is also offer $1 ink-jet refills. Today at The Disney Store, if you bring six soda cans or bottles to recycle, you will receive an eco-friendly hat for free. If you purchase three Hanes products, you will get a free Earth Day shirt, and Hanes will donate a tree to the Arbor Day Foundation. In celebration of National Parks Week, which just happens to coincide with Earth Day, entry to all 392 U.S. national parks is free April 17 to April 25. Some park concessionaires also are offering special deals that week.

Earth Day freebies: changing corporate culture

Sure, it’s become a corporate pay day, but Earth Day freebies may be an indication that the business community is now taking the lead in environmentally friendly innovation. The New York Times reports today that in an era when the population is more divided on the importance of environmental issues than it was on the first Earth Day in 1970, Earth Day 2010 is an opportunity to take advantage of a time when customers are game to learn about the environmentally friendly changes corporations are making.

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