Enjoy these Earth Day activities for kids

A photograph of a globe with an artist's rendition of a giant tree growing from the top, its roots reaching deep into the planet. It's the kind of visual that could inspire many different Earth Day activities for kids.

In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil is considered "the world tree." (Photo: ThinkStock)

Earth Day AND activities for kids? That’s a win-win situation for environmentalist parents. But for kids to truly appreciate the fun that can be had on Earth Day (April 22), it helps if mom and dad understand where Earth Day comes from and what it’s about. According to USA Today, this is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Back in 1970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson, who was an environmentalist at heart, proposed that April 22 be set aside as a day to honor the planet and efforts to protect its precious resources. The idea caught on, and later that year, Congress authorized the creation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in order to police environmental pollution.

Earth Day activities for kids should be achievable

Earth Day activities for kids should mirror the call the EPA has issued to all Americans to commit to five actions that will keep our environment safe. Whether one of yours is requesting payday loans online rather than creating paperwork in a store is up to you.  Five actions may not seem like much at first, but think about what would happen if everyone followed their five actions diligently. The world would be a cleaner place, for Earth Day and every other day. It’s easier to focus on a few actions rather than a long list, which makes similarly targeted Earth Day activities for kids much less overwhelming. It also makes it much cheaper for parents, to the point that low interest loans are unnecessary.

Speaking of activities, here are your five actions for the kids

Thanks to Main Street, here are your “five actions,” your Earth Day activities for kids:

  1. Sort recyclables. Ideally, you live in an area with curbside recycling pickup. Even if you don’t, there are likely places where you can take your recycling products. Separate plastic bottles from aluminum cans and show kids the recycling symbols on the bottom so they know what it means to be green. Teach them young so that it becomes a way of life — not a sometimes project.
  2. Don’t throw away jars. Glass or plastic, those jars can be used to hold pencils, your favorite beverage, flowers, pennies, small toys or even that kind of sticky goo kids get out of vending machines. Kids can even decorate the jars!
  3. Join the energy patrol. At home, at school or anywhere else, saving water and electricity go a long way toward saving the environment and saving money. Formulating good ideas is great to include in your Earth Day activities for kids.
  4. Spring cleaning – make it a game! Cleaning up the house and garage doesn’t sound like fun at first, but if you challenge your kids to find new ways to use old products, it gets them more involved and thinking green. Here are some ideas to get kids started with household recycling, courtesy of the UK site Recycle This.
  5. Make an Earth Day crossword. If your child loves solving puzzles, make an Earth Day activities for kids-themed crossword to help them flex their language muscles. Or use this one, courtesy of the EPA.

Have a Happy Earth Day on April 22!

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