How to Earn Money in the Stock Market

Stocks: What are they?

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There are many companies looking for money to increase and modify their production capacities. One way they do this is by sharing the ownership of the company with individual investors.

The ownership of the company is divided into many parts – there could be millions of these parts. A price is given to each part – called share or stocks — so that the person who wants to become a partial owner of the company buys a number of those shares. He or she is free to sell them to other people after some time. There are certain things that people who want to earn money from stocks should know and do.

How to earn money from stocks

If you want to earn money from stocks, you should understand the ways in which stocks make money. There are two main ways that stockholders earn money.


The first way of making money from stocks is the dividends that accrue every year on the stocks you buy. As an owner of the company you are entitled to your share of the profit. The profit is calculated and given to you at the end of every year. But, if you depend on dividends, you will not make enough money from stocks.

Price appreciations

The second route is the price appreciation of the particular stock. This is the best way of making money from stocks. If a company is doing well, people want to be part of it. That means that these individuals will want to buy stocks of that company from those who originally bought them. They are usually willing to pay more than the price of the first person paid. The more people looking to buy a particular stock, the higher the price they will be willing to pay. Smart investors buy stock when prices are low and sell it when prices are high. The difference is the profit.

Earning more from stocks

Tip #1: Spread out your investments

When you buy stock in several different companies you diversified your investments and thereby minimize your risks. The stock market is a volatile thing. Things change very fast. If you have a lot of money to invest, it is wise to buy stocks in different kinds of companies so that if the price of one is falling, others may be appreciating. You should be aware of the saying “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” If you put all your money in one company and things go bad there, you will lose.

Tip #2: Sell at the right time

There are times when you should hold onto stocks and times when you should sell. If you keep stocks when the price is appreciating, you are likely not to make any money. You need to sell your stocks when the prices are increasing because the appreciation will not last forever. Prices might fall sooner than you think. Watch prices carefully, so that after they have appreciated for some time, you are prepared to sell.

You can avoid the risks

You may have heard people say that stocks too are risky, yet if you understand the above principles you can and will make money from stocks. These are the principles that keep investors in the market for the long haul. People have made fortunes in the stock market and you can, too, if you play it right.

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