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Droid release date Oct. 30

Another contender is about to enter the war of the smartphones. Image from Wikimedia.

Another contender is about to enter the war of the smartphones. Image from Wikimedia.

Though the commercials for the Verizon Motorola Droid were stark and simple — just black text on a white background — they have created a lot of hype. Since the Droid commercials started airing, everyone has been waiting to find out the Droid release date, and now it has been discovered.

Several sources say the Verizon Motorola Droid release will be Oct. 30. The big question looming over Verizon’s head is whether holiday sales of the Droid will beat out the iPhone. After spending so much money on development and advertising, Verizon and Motorola might need a loan until payday, when Droid actually starts selling and turning a profit.

Droid directly challenges iPhone

The reason Droid commercials have made such a splash is because of their controversial nature. Verizon chose to use an advertising strategy not commonly seen, which is to directly challenge another product. It does seem that lately — unless it’s a cola controversy — Apple always seems to be involved in these direct comparison advertisements.

After all, Apple has been using the Mac versus PC commercials for quite sometime. In answer, Microsoft began running “I’m a PC” commercials, in which people favor PCs to Macs. Once again, Apple is getting a taste of its own medicine, as Droid is being advertised under the slogan “Everything iDon’t, Droid does.” These advertisements are drawing a lot of attention because Apple customers generally are staunchly loyal. Furthermore, in the case of Verizon’s attack on iPhone, Verizon started it.

Poised for big release

While it’s true that Apple customers tend to be almost snobbishly loyal, there are also consumers who are vehemently opposed to Apple products for one reason or another. Those types will likely pounce on the Droid release date, relieved to finally have an option that, by all accounts, appears to be superior to the iPhone.

Of course, it will all come down to a matter of preferece, so it is tough to say whether the Verizon Motorola Droid will actually surpass the iPhone in popularity and profits. But with advertising creating a buzz and people eagerly awaiting the Droid release date, I’d say the Droid is off to a good start. Check out a photo of the Droid.

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