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Motorola Droid Pro

The Motorola Droid Pro may well give Blackberry users a true alternative. Image: Titanis / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

Scientists have long been seeking the “missing link” — and it has been found, at least in the Droid Pro. With the operating system of a Droid, and the form and function of a Blackberry, the Droid Pro is making waves. Specifically designed for businesses, Droid Pro has been called the the “killer” of RIM’s business dominance.

Droid Pro features

The Droid Pro by Motorola was announced as a part of a six-phone rollout by the manufacturer. A built-in keyboard and portrait-style layout make the phone look and feel much like a traditional Blackberry. The Android operating system supports a 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and global roaming. What makes the Droid Pro truly business-ready, though, is the full enterprise support. Multi-VPN network support, complex passwords and on-board encryption are all built into the device.

Droid Pro crosses the Blackberry line

The line that has kept many businesses and governments using Blackberry devices has been security. Research in Motion, the Canadian company that makes Blackberry devices, is well-known for its nearly uncrackable encryption. Combined with strong support for business functions, and the Blackberry has been the undisputed king. The Droid Pro, however, may well give RIM a run for its money.

Is Droid Pro the Blackberry kill shot?

With more and more consumers already defecting from Blackberry devices to Android devices, some are saying that the Droid Pro may well prove to be a “kill shot.” This, however, most likely will not be the case. Though Android is a powerful operating system, and the Droid Pro has built-in security features that make it attractive to the business consumer, it may not match up. The intricacies of RIM devices are what make Blackberry popular, and with the Blackberry PlayBook soon to hit the market, the rivalry will most likely continue in earnest for a long while.


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