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A room full of people waiting for their turn in line at the DMV.

Don't stand in line, people. Go online at! (Photo Credit: CC BY-SA/Zoom Zoom/Flickr)

There are few things in life as monotonous and frustrating as waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Yet the most unlikely of heroes – – has stepped forward with a sanity-preserving service, reports the Modesto Bee. Driving records are now available online.

Don’t stand in line, go online at

Bureaucracy is self-perpetuating, so let staying home and logging on to for driving records online be your small way of refusing to feed the line monster. According to a recent California Department of Motor Vehicles news release, secure access to a driver’s record is now just a few clicks away. It’s easy to create an account at, and once users are in the system with username and password, they can purchase copies of records via a secure debit transaction. In addition, drivers can access additional services such as scheduling appointments for written and driving tests, registering vehicles, renewing drivers licenses, choosing personalized license plates and address changes.

As one might suspect, California DMV Director George Valverde told the Modesto Bee that online driving record requests are most commonly sought at Additional information on new online services is available at and 800-777-0133.

California DMV news roundup

Considering that the State of California is in the middle of a serious budget crisis, it comes as no surprise that parking enforcement has gone into overdrive. However, Sacramento parking enforcement has crossed the line into ridiculousness, reports the Sacramento Bee. Now parking enforcement vehicles patrol the streets of the state capital in the middle of the night, with extended hours as late as 2 a.m. in high-complaint areas.

Waiting on your license? Blame the DMV backlog

New services at appear to have come just in time, as worker furloughs and a DMV backlog has made the performance of basic tasks more time-intensive than ever. Reports are that new California drivers may have to wait as long as a month before receiving a new license. But that’s still an improvement, as the wait was twice as long recently.


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