Dickey’s BBQ offering $1 sandwiches on October 19

Dickeys BBQ

Dickey's BBQ is offering $1 sandwiches -- but you can make your own for even less. Image: Flickr / lucian Venutian / CC-BY-SA

Dickey’s BBQ, a nationwide chain based in Texas, is having a big day. Today only, Dickey’s BBQ is offering its Pulled Pork Big BBQ Sandwiches for $1. There is a limit of two per customer, but that’s enough to fill up just about anyone.

Dickey’s BBQ $1 sandwiches

In celebration of its 69th anniversary, Dickey’s Barbecue Pit is offering cheap eats. The $1 Pulled Pork Big BBQ sandwiches are just a part of the anniversary celebration. The company is also sending its mascot to three different secret locations to hand out $100 bills. The limit on the $1 sandwiches is two per customer — so a family could easily fill up for less than $10.

The balance of good barbecue

Part of what makes the Dickey’s BBQ deal so appealing is that making your own good barbecue can be time-consuming and tough. Though the $1 Dickey’s BBQ sandwiches today are a great deal, a meal at Dickey’s usually runs $12 or more for a plate and a drink. What is easily forgotten, though, is that with a good, well-balanced barbecue sauce, you can make your own BBQ at home for a lost less money. Balance the sweet, salty and savory, then pour it over good pork. It’s tasty, quick and extra delicious, because you can customize the sauce to your taste.

Make your own Dickey’s style BBQ

The secret to most good barbecue, including Dickey’s BBQ, is slow-roasted meat. Most people don’t have the time or energy to watch meat on a grill for hours, though. This is the perfect time to pull out your crockpot. Use pork shoulder or boneless ribs and cook them in your crockpot with an inch or so of water. Set it on low for the full day while you are at work, and you’ve got a slow-roasted meat that will fall apart. Slather the mixture with your favorite sauce — commercial or homemade — and it can’t be beat. It’s easier and cheaper than Dickey’s BBQ, and just as tasty. For today, though, enjoy Dickey’s birthday celebration and $1 sandwiches.

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