Detroit Youth Need Jobs Now More Than Online Personal Loans

Detroit Youth Need Jobs Now More Than Online Personal Loans

Bleak Future

Detroit’s young adults, aged 30 and under, are bearing the brunt of the recession that the city is facing right now. This generation is facing job losses, wage cuts and or fewer hours at work. Even with the help of online personal loans, staying where they are does not appeal to them any more. They are looking for greener pastures and want to get out of the state. Detroit, the city of the big three auto giants, is no longer in a position where it can offer employment to its youth as they did in the past. The economy has been hit hard by the recession, especially in Detroit, leaving the youth disenchanted. Rather than stay in Detroit, youth are looking to borrow money via lenders or online personal loans and move out of the city.

Young Adults Facing the Worst

Looking at this scenario, we can see that a number of young adults are those who have been hit worst by this recession. 66% of these young adults face the prospect of not being able to find a job as compared to only 50% of older job seekers. Some of these young adults who were already employed had to face pay cuts and even a reduction in working hours, and with no second jobs available, they are now left wondering what is in store for them in the future. Frequenting the loan store for cash advances or using the internet for an online personal loan is not the solution that they want or need. Some of them may have taken this route, but the worry about getting a good job is still fresh in their minds.

Complaints, But No Solutions

Detroit was once a city that the nation looked to for employment for hundreds of Americans. The change that it is currently facing is going to affect the entire nation, due to the lack of jobs. With the recession, the state of Michigan is now faced with higher unemployment rates than other states are experiencing. Some are even saying that Michigan now has the highest unemployment rates in the nation, which has brought a sense of pessimism among the Detroit’s young adult population. They seem to have lost all hope that any changes will happen, and it seems that all of the complaints are connected with the rate of unemployment. However, no one sees any solutions in the near future for any improvements of this situation.

Moving to Other States

Young adults under the age of 30 who are unemployed are now going to states other than Michigan to find work, and are no longer convinced that the auto giant of the past still has a glory that can be revived. They will leave the state if no improvements are seen soon, and will not just sit around with an online personal loan and wait for the situation to change. They will more than likely crowd other cities that are facing similar problems and end up still unemployed. It’s not just the lack of jobs that is worrying them, but they are also facing continued stress over the lack of employment. This stress is causing many health problems and will need to find a way that will help have a better future soon.

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