Denver International Airport | delays and new security procedures

A photo of the interior of Denver International Airport - DIA

The Denver International Airport is expecting delays from weather and security today. Image from Flickr.

Spring Equinox 2010 may be on its way, but at Denver International Airport, spring is the furthest thing from most people’s minds. Denver International airport recently celebrated its 15th birthday, and its marking the 15th year of operations with delays and new security procedures – not exactly what every airline passenger who had to use unsecured loans to buy their ticket wants to hear.

Delays and cancellations at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, like the rest of the Denver area, is bracing for a brutal winter storm that is supposed to hit today. This morning, the FAA web site was reporting delays of less than 15 minutes at Denver International Airport, but the winter storm is expected to drop a foot of snow or more on Denver International Airport and surrounding areas. If you’re planning on flying into, out of, or through the Denver area, you may want to get no fax payday loans to ensure that you’ve got enough cash with you to camp out for a while.

New security procedures at Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport, as reported by KDVR News in Denver, is also participating in the TSA’s newest screening procedure. Passengers will be randomly selected to have their hands and carry-on luggage swabbed for explosive trace materials.

This particular security procedure that is being implemented by the TSA at Denver International Airport is not entirely new — liquids or gels that were not in a zipper-lock bag have been routinely screened for explosive residue. The new, random testing, however, was implemented in response to the so-called Christmas Day bomber that had explosives hidden in his underwear.

Get the latest information about Denver International Airport

When your travel takes you to Denver International Airport, it is important to keep yourself informed. You can see the live weather video feed of Denver International Airport at The front page of the Denver International Airport website lists the estimated security wait time. You can also check the status of any flight at Denver International Airport here.

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