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New Delta baggage fees

Delta baggage fees

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The airline industry has been through a lot lately. Recession, terrorism, gas prices — and now it’s just slow travel season. So what is an airline to do? Well, Delta has decided baggage fees are the place to try to bring up profits. Now, Delta baggage fees are as follows: The first bag is $25, and the second is $35.

I have read about seven stories on the new Delta baggage fees, and none says anything about a third bag, so I’m thinking that Delta will cut you off after two bags. Of course, if you can’t fit everything you need into two bags, you might want to re-examine your priorities. Maybe you should trade in some of your stuff for secured loans.

Internet advantage

You can save a little bit of money by checking in online and mentioning your bags when you do so. If you check in your bags online the first is $23 and the second is $32. So if you are checking two bags, you can save $5 by checking them in online. Still, paying $55 to check in your bags, on top of the price of your airline ticket, is a little ridiculous, right?

Airlines usually lower ticket prices during January because very few people actually want to travel this month. However, the lower ticket prices get canceled out really quickly if you start paying to check your bags.

Alternative plan

One reason a lot of people check bags is because of the restrictions that don’t allow you to carry liquid onto the plane. However, think about it this way: it would be cheaper to buy that stuff — shampoo, hairspray, facewash, whatever you need — once you get to your destination rather than paying $55 or $60 Delta baggage fees to check your bags.

Carry-on only is the best way to go. It saves tons of time at the airport and gets you out of paying Delta baggage fees or anyone’s baggage fees. When you’re traveling, only bring what you absolutely need. Think of stuff that you can easily buy on your trip rather than packing it.

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