Dell Streak Slate | Info on Dell Streak 7 and 10 inch tablets

Dell Streak tablet computing sample

A few bloggers and techies have gotten a chance to get their hands on Dell Streak samples. Image from Flickr.

The Dell Streak has been the computer with whispers in back hallways and teasing amounts of information handed geek-to-geek for the last few months. So today, when an internal Dell announcement of both a 7 and 10 inch Dell Slate was leaked, gasps of joy were heard across every I.T. office and credit counseling office across the nation.

Dell Streak slate lineup

The Dell Streak has been talked about for the last few months. In fact, on March 9, Dell did release a specifications sheet for the Mini 5 – the five-inch Dell Streak. With no ship date and no price, though, it was still just a teaser. This morning, though, came confirmation that the Dell Streak slate computer lineup will also include a 7-inch and 10-inch Streak.

Dell Streak features

The Dell Streak is being designed as a full-fledged multipurpose slate computer. The Dell Streak 5 is rumored to have a SIM slot and dialer device, meaning it will be capable of functioning as a telephone as well. All Dell Streak slate computers will come with an Amazon content partnership. This means that the Dell Streak will include a Kindle reader app, MP3 and video streaming from Amazon and a wide rainbow of color choices. The Dell Streak computers will also have a VGA camera for video chat, 30-pin docking connector, 5 megapixel (or more!) camera and touch display.

Dell Streak operating system

Though the Dell Streak operating system has not yet been released to the public, most rumors are that it will run on a Windows or Windows-style operating system. That means that anyone who is or would like to hire dedicated programmers can create applications and programs to run on the Dell Streak.

When will the Dell Streak be available?

There is information we don’t yet have about the Dell Streak. There is no price on any of the devices yet, and ship dates for the Dell Streak 7 and 10 inch devices are still not available. While some techies may have already gotten a payday cash loan just on the rumor of the Dell Slate, most will probably have to wait until at least the end of the year. If you are really jonesing for new tech, the Dell Streak 5 will be released in “late 2010.” The Dell Streak 7 and Dell Streak 10 should also be available in “early 2011.” WePad, iPad and iPhone watch out!

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