Consumers Markets Need Debt Relief Soon

Hard-Hit Markets Feeling the Sting

Job hunters need a game plan if theyre going to make it in this tough economy and find debt relief. (Photo:

Job hunters need a game plan if they're going to make it in this tough economy and find debt relief. (Photo:

Consumers need to find debt relief, but some people coming out of the hardest-hit industries may be the most desperate for it. Industries like auto, financial services, retail and mortgage were particularly damaged due to the recession. Although many job markets are showing nascent signs of stabilization, these markets may be lagging in development and employees may need to look elsewhere for job opportunities in the future. Many career coaches and human resource planners are encouraging people from these industries to venture out of their market and see what else the job landscape has to offer. Here are some tips on finding new employment.

Reorganize Job Skills

One way to find a new career is for workers to reassess their job skills. Every skill is beneficial and can be translated to a new industry. For example, if a person was an accountant at General Motors, they should look for accounting positions in other industries. Trudi Schutz, a career counselor, stated, “People often don’t want to leave their industries because they’re comfortable there, even when they’re miserable.” Her suggestion is for job-seekers to look for “careers that use those same skills they love, but in a new way.” She directed a former used-car salesman to move into the pharmaceutical industry, thus carrying his love and know-how of sales to a new market.

Develop New Skills

A general rule of thumb when job searching is that people who are “adaptable and willing to retrain themselves” are most beneficial to potential employers. Max Shapiro, CEO of, stated “Companies want people who can multi-task… the more senior someone is, the more likely it is that he or she will have to repackage the skills they already have.” Shapiro suggests everyone should rebuild their resume periodically throughout their career. Take an extra course, get a new certificate or find some other way of adding to the resume. It can prove to employers that they are able and willing to learn throughout the duration of their career.


If job-seekers need a job soon to help bring debt relief, one of the most popular ways of finding leads is to network. The old way of employment was to wait for recruiters to approach workers. This practice is long gone and job candidates need to be proactive in their placement. Shapiro suggested that all job-seekers make a list of their contacts that includes people they “can trust to brainstorm [the] wildest ideas.” Keep communications open with these people and ask them for referrals. Shapiro added, “Chances are someone will lead you to someone else who will lead you to someone else… I have a very high success rate when people just talk to every single person they know about opportunities.”

In addition, using online networking can be very helpful. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all online networking tools that help to put job-seekers in touch with potential hiring companies. It’s a great way to network with the industries that are desired.

Don’t Give Up, Job-Seekers

In the end, finding a job is a necessity. Bringing money into a household can help with debt relief, allow consumers to refuel money back into the economy and reinvigorate the market. Job-seekers need to be smart though and realize that they have a lot of competition due to the recession. Taking careful but proactive steps can lead to better and more satisfying job opportunities.

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