Millions of dead fish join dead birds phenomenon

Spot Fish

More than 2 million dead spot fish washed ashore in Maryland. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Two incidents of large numbers of dead fish have been reported in the last week. One incident was reported in Arkansas about the same time as hundreds of dead birds fell from the sky, and another massive fish die-off has been reported in Maryland.

Massive numbers of dead fish washing ashore

Two recent incidents of large numbers of dead fish are being reported. Not long after the incident in Beebe, Ark., captured the nation’s attention with dead birds falling from the sky, more than 100,000 dead drum fish washed up over a 20-mile stretch of river in northwest Arkansas, according to ABC. The fish die-off occurred just more than 100 miles from the site of the birds in Beebe. Another mass fish death has been reported in Maryland, far larger than the dead fish incident in Arkansas. More than 2 million dead fish washed ashore from Chesapeake Bay, according to CNN. The Chesapeake beaches have become covered with fish carcasses.

Dead fish in Maryland likely caused by cold

Authorities were quick to assert that the massive numbers of dead fish washing ashore was caused by frigid conditions. The specimens in Maryland are mostly juvenile spot fish three to six inches in length. The eastern coast of the United States has seen a brutal cold snap over the last few weeks. It is likely that the shock of the cold to a large population of young animals was what did them in.

Arkansas incident being investigated

The dead fish in Arkansas are still being investigated. It does not appear to be connected to the dead birds, and authorities anticipate that disease played a role in the fish deaths in the state. Bizarre explanations from magnetic anomalies to the coming apocalypse have been offered for the flocks of dead birds and schools of dead fish, but authorities said further investigations will be conducted in an effort to reveal the causes.




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