Another flock of dead birds discovered in Sweden


Another flock of dead birds has been discovered in Sweden. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

The number of incidents of dead birds falling from the sky has increased again. After the dead birds in Arkansas kicked off the phenomenon, another torrent of dead birds in Louisiana was reported. Another flock of deceased birds has been reported in Sweden.

Dead birds fall from sky in Sweden

After two recent incidents of dead birds in Arkansas and Louisiana, another incident has been reported in Sweden, according to MSNBC. A flock of 50 to 100 jackdaws, a member of the crow family, fell dead in the town of Falkoping, several hundred miles west of Stockholm. It isn’t known what caused the flock to die, just as in other cases. Bird deaths in the manner being seen are not as uncommon as it may seem. The U.S. Geological Survey reported about 90 mass die-offs of animals such as fish and birds between June and December of 2010. In the incidents involving bird flocks, there were five instances of flocks of 1,000 or more birds dying this year due to disease or other causes.

More common than we know

The recent incident of 400 to 500 dead birds in Louisiana was likely because they ran into a power line, though that hasn’t been confirmed. The cause of the dead birds in Beebe, Ark., isn’t confirmed either, but is likely to be some sort of blunt force trauma. The U.S. Geological Survey has observed 16 incidents of more than 1,000 birds dying at the same time in the last 30 years, according to the Christian Science Monitor. About 5 billion birds perish annually in the United States, so conspiracy theorists should check the tin foil hats at the door.

It goes widely unreported really

Events similar to the bird deaths in Louisiana and Arkansas are more common than press coverage would indicate. The incidents are certainly shocking. However, if viewed in a larger context these events are likely more coincidental than anything else.



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