Don’t Get Ripped Off With Cyber Monday Online Deals

You’ll Need More Payday Loans if You Don’t Plan Your Attack

Cyber Monday online deals got your head in a bad place? Here are some useful tools to make it all a bit easier. (Photo:

Cyber Monday online deals got your head in a bad place? Here are some useful tools to make it all a bit easier. (Photo:

OK, I know. Cyber Monday online deals are a bit overcooked now that it’s 1:30 p.m. on the left coast, but somebody will be tripping the Web fantastic tonight (make that a few million somebodys). Thus, I bring you news you can use, courtesy of some tips from the New York Times. Free shipping, free gift cards and those neat limited-time discounts are waiting for you, and if you don’t take advantage, your ravenous online shopping habits could put you in a position to need more payday loans than usual.

Be Careful on Cyber Monday 2009

Why? Because it’s your money, that’s why. And retailers will do all kinds of things to separate you from your hard-earned lettuce (virtual, in this case). This includes hyping up big, glitzy deals that are all flash and no substance. For instance, a retailer might mark something up right before discount time. Forty percent off something that was already marked up nearly that much isn’t much of a steal, is it?

Fight Back by Doing Comparison Shopping with Cyber Sales

The Times has some great advice here. Use old reliable sites on Cyber Monday to figure out whether you’re truly getting a good deal. is one that most of us know, but there are lots of other reputable price comparison services. is another great one that includes lots of personal user recommendations on products. But just because Amazon lists an item at one price doesn’t mean that’s the standard. Go strolling with Google for the straight story when all else fails.

Great Alternatives for Cyber Monday Online Deals

If it’s good enough for Gizmodo and Lifehacker, it likely will be good enough for you. If not, turn in your Cyber Monday card and report to the mall – Santa is in need of a new chair. Since I love those blogs, I have to point out that they sing the praises of LogicBuy. Over there, you can see price comparisons at a glance and make informed Cyber Monday shopping decisions., and are also great for this kind of thing, as the Times usefully suggests.

Me? I Procrastinate Now and Use Payday Loans Later

I’m not saying it’s the best plan, but this mouse can gang aft agley with the best of them. In other words, my best laid plans of mice and men aspire to Cyber Monday online deals, but I rarely take advantage because I find my toe lint more interesting. But toe lint – and Cyber Monday 2009 deals – can be quite useful, if for no other reason than to keep your payday loans intake at reasonable levels.

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