Cyber Monday deals | Getting the most for your holiday money


The laptop and netbook Cyber Monday deals are set to be impressive. Image: Flickr / zieak / CC-BY

Though Black Friday shopping is the athletic shopping event of the season, Cyber Monday deals come in close second. Online comparison website Pricegrabber has found that over 1/3 of shoppers expect to find the best deals online on Cyber Monday. This year’s Cyber Monday deals include laptops, netbooks, and free shipping deals.

The origin of Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals are a phenomenon that stated in November of 2005. In 2009, Cyber Monday deals accounted for over $887 million worth of holiday-shopping sales. Cyber Monday shopping originally started as a day that many workers did their holiday shopping from work. Only about thirteen percent of workers say that they are planning on shopping from work, though that number may go up on that day.

Cyber Monday laptop deals

The Cyber Monday deals that are this year’s focus are both laptop deals and netbook details. The best deals on laptops will likely get down as far as $349 or less for a 15.6 inch dual core laptop. Dell and HP are also going to be offering discounts on customized computers. Laptop deals on Cyber Monday will also likely include free shipping and discount coupons. Services such as Pricegrabber and are going to be the best place to keep track of the best Cyber Monday deals.

Keeping yourself safe for Cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday deals are a great way to save money. However, Cyber Monday can also be a dangerous day. Identity theft can be a huge concern when shopping online. By using only websites that you trust, and ensuring that your shopping site uses https in the URL, you can be keeping your identity safe. Some credit cards offer “secure shopping” options, which you should take advantage of. Cyber Monday deals are also only “deals” if you aren’t paying the cost of identity theft – so don’t let unrealistic deals tempt you into spending money on a website that looks sketchy.

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