The Difficulties of Unemployment

We Live in Intricate Times

Desperate financial times drive some to choose desperate measures. Don't give up, however. Think through your situation and find suitable answers.

Desperate financial times drive some to choose desperate measures. Don't give up, however. Think through your situation and find suitable answers.

With the current recession underway, the only proof visible that anything has changed is the stagnant rise in the cost of well, everything – and the fact that it has become extremely difficult to get a job. I live in Norway, and if you have ever been to Scandinavia you will know that the cost of a beer is around $12 for a pint. Yet I still find myself at times surprised. I enquired with the local paper just the other day to find out that to place a two-line advertisement in the job wanted section would cost around $400. That means that you would need a job just to be able to afford the ad asking for one. Making serious money usually always involves risk, but merely searching for a job should be risk-free.

Crime Rises with Unemployment

It is inevitable that the crime rates will rise with not enough being done to assist the unemployed. Garard O’Neill, the director of Amarach Research, has commented on the possibility of social unrest and that a large group of jobless men were “a recipe for chaos” and that “it’s a demographic fact that single men between 20 and 25 are the core group responsible for social disturbance.”

What exactly is the breaking point of the average man? Short of going on government assistance, if someone tries every avenue they can to make a living for themselves and their family but just can’t find a reasonable solution, at what point do they decide that they need to resort to more drastic measures? The truth is it can be difficult, but it is important for one to never give up. As soon as you decide that there isn’t a solution, anything that may have been available will close to you. If you use your brain to consider your options and the fact that there are an infinite number of ways to make money without resorting to illegal or dishonest methods, it is possible to come out back on top. Just don’t give up.

The Temptation of Credit Cards

They tempt you in between your favorite television programs, on the radio while you drive your car and they are even there to entice you while you read E-mails or surf the Web. Credit cards and loans can be your friends, but they can also be evil things if they aren’t used properly. They can finance your enterprise that is sinking in troubled waters; help kick start your new business model; or even serve as a back-up measure for those that have work but want some insurance if they become redundant.

Unfortunately, some people decide to borrow money for the wrong reasons. They may borrow to continue living a lifestyle to which they had so desperately become accustomed. When that happens, all they accumulate is debt. That is the reason why we all got into this mess in the first place. According to the New York Times, experts predict that millions of Americans will not be able to pay off their debts, leaving a gaping hole at ailing banks still trying to recover from the housing bust. Stress test results have suggested that the nation’s 19 biggest banks could expect nearly $82.4 billion in credit card losses by the end of 2010.

Where Is My Shovel?

You can decide right now if you want to dig yourself into a deeper hole or perhaps take some time instead to sit back, have a cup of coffee and think about ways to dig yourself out. Knowledge is power and the World Wide Web is full of it. Have a look around and search for the many ways to make money both offline and online. By now you have learned that nothing in this world worth having comes easy. That applies to everything, so stop looking for the easy solution and be prepared to get your hands dirty.

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