Cr-48: The first Chrome OS notebook Google will produce

A photo of a laptop computer running what the Google Chrome OS might look like.

A notebook that runs Google Chrome OS has Web surfers excited. (Photo Credit: CC BY-ND/99c Blog)

By mid-2011, Google’s Chrome operating system is projected to make its debut in the Cr-48 Chrome Notebook, reports Mashable. While this doesn’t necessarily help shoppers who are looking to bring home some new Google hardware this holiday season, it does provide Google fans with dream material. When the time comes, Microsoft and Apple may have some serious competition.

Cr-48 Chrome Notebook currently in beta testing

In order to work out the kinks in the Cr-48 Chrome OS Notebook, Google has launched an exclusive pilot program. While Google says the program is currently open to certain individuals, businesses, schools, non-profits and developers in the U.S., the truth is that beta testers will each receive a Cr-48 notebook, so the numbers will likely be somewhat low. Consumers but be at least 18 years of age.

Participants will be expected to send regular, detailed feedback to Google as part of the program. Google warns in the official Cr-48 Chrome Notebook beta testing notice that the platform is Web-based and does not run “any legacy PC software,” and that “the pilot program is not for the faint of heart,” in that there may be serious bugs in the system.

Vital stats for the Cr-48 Chrome Notebook

According to Mashable’s sources, few details of the Cr-48 Chrome Notebook are known. However, the following have reportedly been confirmed:

  • 12-inch LCD display
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and 3G by Verizon
  • Full-sized keyboard without caps-lock or function keys
  • Large touch-pad interface
  • Weighs 3.8 pounds (more than 3 pounds heavier than Macbook Air)
  • Solid state hard drive (quieter with no moving parts, faster than standard drive)
  • Eight hours active use with a full charge, a week of standby power

For the Web ranger in all of us

The Cr-48 Chrome Notebook is apparently not designed to be a portable gaming rig, but that likely wasn’t Google’s target. As most of us spend our computer time online with Web browsers, social media and various other cloud-based elements, a Chrome OS notebook could be just what most consumers ordered.



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